Developmental Milestones

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Your Baby’s Development – Month By Month

This table shows common developmental milestones that babies reach each month during their first year, in four major categories. Keep in mind that all babies are different and every baby grows at his own pace. There’s no precise time that most of these skills first appear. If your child hasn’t reached a milestone by the month it is listed on this chart, it is usually a perfectly normal variation in child development. Watch for progress, not deadlines.

Age Gross Motor Fine Motor Language/Cognitive Social
1 month Moves head from side to side when on stomach Strong grip Stares at hands and fingers Tracks movement with eyes
2 months Holds head and neck up briefly while on tummy Opens and closes hands Begins to play with fingers Smiles responsively
3 months Reaches and grabs at objects Grips objects in hands Coos Imitates you when you stick out your tongue
4 months Pushes up on arms when lying on tummy Grabs objects — and gets them! Laughs out loud Enjoys play and may cry when playing stops
5 months Begins to roll over in one or the other direction Is learning to transfer objects from one hand to the other Blows “raspberries” (spit bubbles) Reaches for mommy or daddy and cries if they’re out of sight
6 months Rolls over both ways Uses hands to “rake” small objects Babbles Recognizes familiar faces –caregivers and friends as well as family
7 months Moves around –is starting to crawl, scoot, or “army crawl” Is learning to use thumb and fingers Babbles in a more complex way Responds to other people’s expressions of emotion
8 months Sits well without support Begins to clap hands Responds to familiar words, looks when you say his name Plays interactive games like peekaboo
9 months May try to climb/crawl up stairs Uses the pincer grasp Uses the pincer grasp Uses the pincer grasp
10 months Pulls up to stand Stacks and sorts toys Waves bye-bye and/or lifts up arms to communicate “up” Learns to understand cause and effect (“I cry, Mommy comes”)
11 months Cruises, using furniture Turns pages while you read Says “mama” or “dada” for either parent Uses mealtime games (dropping spoon, pushing food away) to test your reaction; expresses food preferences
12 months Stands unaided and may take first steps Helps while getting dressed (pushes hands into sleeves) Says an average of 2-3 words (often “mama” and “dada”) Says an average of 2-3 words (often “mama” and “dada”)
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