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Our Pledge

Our mission at Sunshine Advantage is to provide every child in our care with the tools that he or she needs in order to grow and succeed. We deliver highly individualized, evidence-based holistic treatment programs that target each child’s specific needs and take into account his or her unique circumstances.

At Sunshine, we understand the different complexities that families of children with disabilities face every day. By working with experts across various modalities, we craft comprehensive treatment strategies that encompass all the different elements of therapy to best empower our clients to reach their full potentials.

Here at Sunshine Advantage, our treatment plans are created with science and delivered with love.

What sets us apart?

It’s right there in the name.  Our unique advantage lies in our comprehensive approach toward treatment. Rather than compartmentalizing different therapies, treatments, and issues, we take a holistic approach that factors in various elements such as family dynamics, home environment, mental health concerns, social norms, physical abilities, cultural sensitivities, language differences and any other distinctive components that could potentially impact a child’s growth. By crafting customized, individualized treatment strategies, we nourish each child with exactly the resources he or she needs in order to achieve his or her goals.

We encourage you to take full advantage of our integrated approach. With everything from insurance billing to personalized treatment plans taken care of, you can trust that your child is receiving all the “sunshine” and input that he or she needs in order to grow and thrive.

Evidenced-Based services

Each treatment plan that we create is evidence-based and backed by science. At Sunshine Advantage, our therapists incorporate research-based intervention activities into daily routines to best facilitate child- and family-driven goals.

Accompanying every treatment plan are behavior-management strategies derived from functional assessments, systematic approaches to skill development, careful selection of prompts and prompt-fading procedures, detailed data collection and data analysis.

We determine which practices will have the greatest impact through research and experience practices that are observable, not disability-specific, and delivered in all settings, including the child’s natural environment. We constantly update our strategies as we monitor progress, using measurable data to evaluate results and establish the next steps in the treatment plan.

By relying on research-based approaches and quantifiable data, we can confidently guide our children toward success.

Our Providers

Our ABA, OT, PT, and SLP providers work together to implement comprehensive treatment plans that treat the whole child. We provide in-depth intake evaluations followed by thorough assessments in all areas of behavior, socioemotional ability, cognition, speech and language, fine and gross motor skills, and adaptive development.

Once a therapy plan is created, our therapists and providers remain in constant communication and work together to help each child reach his or her personal goals.

Sunshine Advantage providers participate in reflective supervision, performance reviews and program evaluations. Our clinicians utilize teaming for the multi-disciplinary interventions to support a family-centered service delivery model.

Our providers integrate their individual clinical experience, best external evidence-based practices and each family’s unique values and expectations to provide the most effective care.

Culturally Collaborative Services

Our evaluations and designated treatment plans are enhanced by our commitment to incorporate recommendations and input from families, caregivers and teachers.

We make it a priority to support our families through the transition process and help them achieve goals in every phase of their children’s development. Our clinician’s coach parents to follow through with carryover interventions as they continue to maintain regular plans of care.

Right from the start, our treatment plans promote the family’s capacity to care for their child‘s growth and development in their home environment by providing them with tools, support, education, and training and continually monitoring the situation. We also offer coaching, consultations, and training in child development for community members, childcare groups and other service agency personnel. With their entire environments in tune with their unique needs, our children can fully flourish.

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