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“Why is ABA so important for children with autism?

"ABA is public, accountable, self-correcting, and optimistic!”
- Dr. William L. Heward, Ed.D., BCBA-D

Children with autism often have a hard time learning in a typical classroom setting. At Sunshine Advantage, we don’t let challenges impede on our mission. Our clinicians incorporate discrete trial teaching within the natural environment so that each skill is maximized to its fullest. Our staff utilizes all the latest research-based ABA interventions to ensure the most effective therapy.

With a heavy reliance on direct and frequent measurements, ABA methodology is self-correcting. It enables our therapists to recognize both successes and setbacks so that effective changes can be implemented and followed through. What sets ABA therapies apart is that success is directly measurable. Every time a teacher or parent successfully utilizes a behavioral technique, the child moves one step closer toward achievement.

There are several types of ABA, including:

Our ABA Providers

Our full-time BCBA and highly-trained registered behavior technicians guarantee that quality therapy is provided at all times and in all environments. Whether at daycare- and preschool-like settings or at home, our therapists ensure that the skills your child learns are meaningful and the learning process enjoyable.

ABA therapy programs also include therapists and registered behavior technicians (RBTs) who are trained and supervised by our BCBA. They work directly with each child to practice skills and work toward the individual goals set by the BCBA. You may hear them referred to by a few different titles: behavioral therapists, line therapists, and behavior tech, to name a few.

Sunshine Advantage ABA services are provided by board-certified behavior analysts (BCBA) who have earned master’s degrees or PhD in Psychology or Behavior Analysis, have passed a national certification exam, and seek a state license to practice according to state regulations.

ABA Service Services

ABA and the Sunshine Advantage

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