With enough sunshine,
every child will blossom and grow.

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Our Pledge

Our Pledge

Our mission at Sunshine Advantage is to provide every child in our care with the tools they need in order to succeed.

We deliver highly individualized, evidence-based treatment programs that target each child’s specific needs.

Here at Sunshine Advantage, our treatment plans are created with science and delivered with love.


Rather than compartmentalizing different therapies and  treatments, we take a comprehensive, holistic approach that factors in everything from family dynamics to mental health, physical abilities and language differences, crafting a customized treatment plan that nourishes each child with exactly what he or she needs.

This ensures that your child receives all the “Sunshine” that they need in order to grow and thrive.

Our Sunshine

The Sunshine Advantage

Evidence - Based Services

Culture & Ethnic Sensitive

Whole - Child Approach

Cutting - Edge Technologies

Research - Based Tools & Training

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